Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Join the Caravan to Jericho

How do you join the Caravan to Jericho?


1. Name your camel.
2. Post your daily, weekly or monthly walking totals, which will be subtracted from the total distance to Jericho. Remember that every step helps the Caravan move closer to Jericho. If you walk daily, you'll help the Caravan most, but every bit helps.
3. The trip will be non-linear. We'll be visiting all over the world and also visiting cities of the fantastic. There might be robbers, pirates, monsters, treasures, princesses and princes, lost cities -- who knows what we'll find. Do you want to walk to Jericho with me? We'll be leading camels -- my camel's name is Clyde; Sanako's is Hassan -- and treking across the United States and then along the newly discovered land route across the Atlantic Ocean. What wonders we'll see.
4. Join the Caravan. Walk to Jericho with me. Adventure awaits. Let’s go!


Trixie said...

My camel Eloise and I will join you. We'll start out on Saturday.

roenwinter said...

Can Drama and I come? We can add 2 miles because we went to a basketball game and had to park that far away(a full mile yes!). Never go late. Go Pokes. we started and have not lost much but every pound counts right?

Coral said...

It's a little late, but can I start? Penguin the camel and I aren't fast walkers, and it's cold where we live, but we'll do our best.

Does time on a stair stepper machine count?

TECH said...

Welcome Coral! Send me your email address so that I can get you added as a team member. And yes, any walking, including that on a stair stepper, counts as long as you can give some sort of mileage count.