Tuesday, January 31, 2006


It's going to be a tough day. It's my son's 15th birthday. :)

I'm in the house with three doughnuts leftover from treating his early-morning church class. One of them is a maple bar. I LOVE maple bars. Ohhhhhh. I hear it calling me.

Not to mention that he wants pizza for dinner tonight, and I bought a little cake so he'd have one ON his birthday. He's having friends over Friday night for a sleepover, complete with more pizza and Mississippi Mud Cake. He wanted the mud cake today, but I told him I wouldn't be left home alone with mud cake all week. I would only make it when there was a houseful of teenage boys to eat it.

One can only be optimistic with weigh-in tomorrow... ;)


jeannie diane said...

Good luck. Think thin, draw a
picture of what you want to look
like. Try on clothes you can't
wear yet. I am not trying to
depress you. Just help modivate
you. I just got off the treadmill
I didn't stay on very long as I
banged up my knee this weekend.
So I got down in the floor and
did some much needed sit up
(my all time hated exercise)
some leg lifts..In all I worked
out about 30 mins..
Go Go Go..you can do this..
Oh yea tech.. were is my other
lb.. I should have 3lbs lost...

TECH said...

Happy birthday to your son!

And you have the willpower! There isn't a cake made that can beat you! Show it who's boss!

Michelle said...

Happy Birthday to your baby Boy!