Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Today was a positive day!

So far, so good. And if I've made it to 5:30 saying that, I think the rest of the day will be good, too.

I woke up, weighed and posted my WWIN-sday loss. Then I filled up my large water glass, went for a mile walk and ate an orange.

For lunch I had fish. Yeah, it wasn't the best choice since it was from LJS, and had a few fries. But points-wise the fish was not bad. Certainly a better choice than I usually make.

I've had most of the water (I think this is a 32-oz. glass. It is big.) I'll finish it before I go off to handbells and choir practice, and try to get another in before bedtime.

How has your day gone??


jaime said...

I'm having a rough week, thanks to a sudden bout with neck pain and stiffness. I'm hoping to be back on my exercise bandwagon next week!

Good job on your great day!

TECH said...

Way to go, Trixie! That's why you're the main loser now!

Michelle said...


Anonymous said...

Way to go, Trix!

Mama Rose said...

Nice work.

So, you play handbells and sing in the choir? I used to play handbells, but our current church doesn't have a handbell choir. Do you always play the same bells or do you end up switching off? I'm a alto in the sanctuary choir. What part do you sing? :)