Wednesday, February 01, 2006

WWIN 4: The Wrath of Fat

"Captain, captain! The Fatoids are advancing!"

Captain Tech of the TGSD Starship Blackbird glanced at his weapons officer Willa Wong. "Raise diet shields, W.W.!"

"It's no good, captain!" Wong said. "They've fired a round of soft drinks with two fast food burgers!"

Tech paled. "Reverse course! Fire exercise torpedoes!"

"Captain, they've placed chocolate chip cookie mines," observed Science Officer Spooky. "We cannot retreat."

"Twinkies!" the captain swore. "Divert auxiliary power to the shields! Hold position! All hands brace for impact!"

The soft drinks and burgers hit the ship. Warning lights went off. The ship lurched.


A few hours later, after the Fatoids had retreated, the captain asked for a status report.

"Captain, we haven't lost ground," Spooky said. "But we haven't advanced any, either."

"Well, that's something," the captain said, frowning, the light outlining his chiseled good looks. "But we must do better next week!"


And if you haven't figured it out from our adventure, my weight stayed the same this week. I hope all of you do better.


Michelle said...

3.8 for me...

The Force was strong with me last week.

jaime said...

I am down one more, for a total of 4!

TECH said...

Woohoo! Michelle rocks!

TECH said...

Jaime rocks, too! Rocking babes!

Michelle said...

Congrats to everyone for sticking with it...that is what really counts... :)

Anonymous said...

High-fives to Michelle and Jaime--even Tech, for not losing ground! :)

I'm down a big, whopping...


That would be a total of 3.2.

I won't give you my excuses, in mixed company, for not doing better.

Must. Have. Chocolate. ;)